Инструкция сборки мастер пираморфикс.

инструкция сборки мастер пираморфикс.
Software tool to test networking products under all possible WAN conditions.Kfar — (972).3.6881808Financial Resource Management (FRM) product suite. SecureTrack uses Check Point OPSEC (Open Platform for Security) to track all changes in security policy.Ramat-GanTulip Information Systems — (972).3.6349418Consulting and implementation services for ERP, in multi-national and multi-organizational environment. Free SoftwareIFN Systems — (972).9.7638900Document management and workflow solutions for organizations. WINS Suite for eContent and eProcess. Products include TimeKeeper and TimeBit.Tel AvivSysAid — (972).3.5333675SysAid web-based help desk software and IT management.

Contract PHP and Perl programming for web sites or other purposes. Tk Open Systems IP Routing Firewall. Planning tool for managers, analysts and business people, helping them prepare business plans. Business translation including monetary reports and marketing material.Milim Writing & Translation Services — (972).3.5623997Translation, localization and internationalization services.

User interface localization, cross-platform and BiDi functionality testing. Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis.Tel AvivAdvantech — (972).3.5775050Software company that implements and integrates BI, CRM and ERP systems in JAVA, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft environments. Nereus IT package for maritime agency management of business operations, logistics and billing.Rishon LeZionAgileSparks — (972).52.2431404Agile/Lean solutions to improve project management, software and hardware development. Hot-Swap product line — for telephony infrastructure vendors to «Hot Swap» devices while the system is anyaK.S.T. Software — (972).3.9494165Software solutions provider for IBM iSeries AS/400 systems. Development of integrative financial software and telecommunication systems for AS/400,IBM MF, VAX, ALFA, UNISYS and other platforms and interconnected PC networks. Осевые элементы имеют форму октаэдров, а рёберные и угловые — тетраэдров.

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