Cisco mcu 4220 инструкция

cisco mcu 4220 инструкция
Нужен сип-сервер (который есть в VCS). Будет регистрировать пользователей, он же SIP-proxy. TelePresence Server Expressway Conductor ASA AnyConnect (TLS) TMS Internet CUCM Jabber for iPad (soon) 43. Варианты реализации. Presenter Mode Presenter mode allows a PC to join into the meeting so that slides can be shown. The Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) allows participating endpoints in a call to report back on QoS (Quality of Service) parameters. Помимо основных настроек, будет доступна для конфигурирования пользовательская раскладка (Главная страница: ->Конференции -> Конференция «name» -> Пользовательская раскладка).Она определяет расположение участников видеоконференций на экране. This document does not consider or evaluate the nature or scale of the security threat introduced by H.323 deployment.

However, if desirable, it is possible to use your remote control or the web page to select a different layout family. The reproduction of logos without permission is expressly forbidden. Where a product has been tested by VTAS, or has featured in a Case Study, the item is in italics below and appropriate references appear in the References section. Once the exchange has finished, the firewall will close the port inbound again. Все что нужно терминалу, это выбрать кодек и дать адрес сервера.

This is an easy way to allow conferencing with customers and vendors without making risky changes to your firewall. This report attempts to introduce the network difficulties that have been encountered in the deployment of H.323 videoconferencing. Одна, правда, только записывает, Cisco TelePresence Recording Server. А вот вторая и пишет и вещает одновременно, Cisco TelePresence Content Server.

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