Canon a1400 инструкция

canon a1400 инструкция
The degree of softening was very slight though, much less than we’re accustomed to seeing on the digital cameras we test. Kids & Pets: Captures moving subjects without blurring them. All in all, a really great performance from a bargain digital camera.

Transfer Order: Marks images to be transferred to a computer later. Between the LCD and the multi-controller are the Display button and the Menu button below it. Auto Play: Automatically plays all captured images in a slide show.

When opened, the flap remains connected to the PowerShot A410’s body, and folds out of the way to accommodate cables. Picky Details Cycle times, shutter lag, battery life, etc. can be found here. Whatever portion of the subject is closest to one of the AF points is what determines the overall focus. This does mean the body is smaller and lighter and has better battery life compared to alkaline batteries, but you lose the convenience of being able to buy batteries almost anywhere.

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