Инструкция motorola dm4601

инструкция motorola dm4601
Page 71: Starting A Manual Site Search Procedure: to Step 6. Press the programmed Site Lock On/Off button. You can adjust the Tone Alert Volume Offset level if needed. Page 19: Capacity Plus NOTE: You cannot manually add or delete an entry to the roam Linked Capacity Plus list. Visualizza il depliant Hytera PD505LF, PD365LF, PD355LF : Le prime radio di uso libero dual mode analogico/digitale DMR Tier I. Comunicazioni riservate digitali, chiamate private e di gruppo, messaggi di testo… … segue. Page 93: Search Press the PTT button to make the call.

This shortcuts to radio functions or up to a maximum of six (6) function is unavailable when Voice Announcement is disabled. Page 94: Viewing An Entry In The Scan List By Alias Search Press the PTT button to make the call. Mono or stereo. 8 kbits/s to 320 kbits/s CBR (Constant Bit Rate), supports VBR (Variable Bit Rate) to a peak of 320 kbits/s. 64 kbits/s mono for messages, >128 kbits/s for music. 10 kHz. > 100 years. > 100, 000 writes to any one memory cell. Цена: 189 176 Р Ретранслятор Motorola DR3000 — это часть системы MOTOTRBO. Главной особенностью DR3000 является возможность использования динамического смешанного режима соединения, что позволяет переключаться между аналоговым и цифровым режимом связи вручную, либо автоматически. Page 72: Security Procedure: Security Use the menu.

Another advantage of most DMR radios is supurb RF performance. You see a checkmark before each number key that is The first line of the display shows Clear from all keys?. assigned to an entry. If the checkmark is before Empty, you have not assign a number key to the entry. Page 11: Getting Started For features that are available in both Analog and Digital Getting Started modes, no icon is shown. Page 80: Turning Horns/lights On Or Off Turning Horns/Lights On or Off Turning the Public Address System On or Off Your radio is able to notify you of an incoming call via the horns You can enable and disable the radio’s internal public address and lights feature. The first text line shows the caller alias.